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Excellent alignment in planning

What typifies the absence of this characteristic?

  • Poor understanding of the project team and the objective of the project
  • Planning is seen as a management requirement rather than a useful tool to align the team
  • There is a lack of buy-in amongst the project team of the key deliverables (time/scope/resource teams)
  • Huge amounts of unnecessary rework carried out
  • The potential value of the project is compromised

Associated Pain

  • Over budget
  • Incorrect scope
  • Late
  • No delivery on anticipated value
  • Demoralised team

The Cause

Our experience has helped us identify the core issues for the above.  A lack of early alignment in the planning phase of all involved in the project due to the following reasons:

  • Planning, with significant team involvement, is perceived as expensive inaction with little tangible benefits
  • Experience of previous planning sessions that have resulted in confusion and even misalignment
  • Planning and team alignment is difficult to measure in the early stages of the project.

Why Choose Goldratt UK as a partner

Unique project management approach - Critical Chain, this award winning approach provided the biggest step change improvement in project management since Critical Path was invented in the 1950s
Results based partnership – Unlike many other improvement partners, we base our relationship with organisations on a risk and reward share basis rather than volume of days and reports.
Highly successful change management approach – we are renowned in the market place for our highly effective change management resulting in a highly energised, motivated and aligned organisation. 

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